Ride of Passage

Watch the video to see Toki make friends with the chameleon and read our Talk for Writing text.

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Ride of Passage

Deep in the Amazon rainforest, Toki was standing in front of the elders of his tribe. They expected him to bring home the head of the biggest animal possible. In return, he would receive honour and respect as part of his rite of passage into adulthood.

Shortly afterwards, Toki found himself stumbling through the deep, damp forest. He felt dismayed at the thought of the challenge that he had to face. Bravely, he held his spear in one hand and placed his toy frog, like a ceremonial hat, on his head and waited. Immediately, a cheeky monkey swung down from the branches of a tree, snatched the frog and vanished before Toki could even blink! “Give that back,” he cried in astonishment. Toki gave chase.

At that moment, the monkey’s taunts fell silent. Toki stopped. He could feel someone, or something’s, cold breath on the back of his neck. He froze. Nervously, he turned around. Out of nowhere, a huge chameleon unveiled itself right in front of his eyes! Toki had never seen a creature so enormous! His legs felt like they had turned to jelly. The chameleon started to open his cavernous mouth… to Toki’s astonishment, it spat out his frog, picked it up with his tongue and handed it back to him. Instantly, Toki knew a friendship was being formed.

After several hours of galloping around, they had collected one animal from all of the different species that lived in the jungle. Toki was excited about taking them back to show the Elders. They would be amazed! “I will have the respect of the whole tribe,” he gasped. Heading back to his camp, engrossed in the fun of riding on the back of the enormous chameleon, Toki was completely unaware of the event which was about to take place. Unexpectedly, a huge net engulfed the chameleon as he bounded through the air. As Toki fell to the ground, he heard his tribe’s people chanting and cheering as the came closer and closer, stalking their prey. Toki stared the chameleon trapped in the net. He had the chance to take back the biggest animal in the whole tribe if he could sacrifice his new found friendship. He felt torn. What should he do?

When the tribe’s men arrived, they found an empty net lying on the ground! Behind them, Toki and his friend smiled as they hid themselves in the undergrowth. Toki knew he had made the right decision.


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